Senior Package

Fall of Senior Year

Are you worried your child has fallen behind? It’s not too late! Designed for students entering their senior year, this package provides a structured approach with step-by-step guidance to help them complete their college applications. 

With the Senior Package, I’ll work with your child and guide them through the application process. I’ll provide resources and strategies for managing essential tasks and critical deadlines, develop an action plan, and serve as a guide through the application process.

The Senior Package includes:

  • Review of transcripts, grade reports, testing results, awards, activities, and high school extracurricular involvement
  • Compile student academic profile and resume
  • Creation of a timeline with key deadlines
  • College and Program Research
  • Assistance with up to 5 application forms
  • Assistance with recommendation requests
  • Guidance brainstorming, drafting, and editing personal essay (supplemental essays not included)
  • Assistance with financial aid and scholarship research
  • College offer guidance

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